From the time Amanda had the dexterity to grip and the wisdom 'not to eat them', her mother was putting crayons in her hands.  Slightly further up the road, another major factor of influence was introduced – Saturday morning cleanings.  It is a little known fact that Amanda Fisk is actually a certified ©Merry Maid as a result of her intense training* with a vacuum, feather duster (which later evolved into Swiffer® use) and Pledge™.  The third factor, and theoretical nail-in-the-artistic-coffin came when Amanda had her first run in with a computer, circa 1993.  Through some magical combining of these three factors, a digital artist emerged.
Focusing on color ((crayons)), lack of tangible materials for neatness ((©Merry Maid)) and pixel-pushing ((highly advanced technical ingenuity via personal computer)), Amanda now creates 'works of art' in between uncomfortably† long stretches of the most intense case of artist's block known to mankind.
*Also mother-induced
†Denotes foreshadowing